Collection: New Leaf Home

Enjoy "The Lil Things " with New Leaf Home x Pragati


In these capsized times, when we were all sitting at home, trying to make sense of our new found boredom, our founder Anjali Kanodia took advantage of her time at home by focusing on steering New Leaf in a new direction. What resulted, is the new, exciting and maybe even unexpected New Leaf Home!

Since it’s inception, New Leaf Home was created for people who want to imbue their beloved homes with love, joy and a touch of handmade. New Leaf Home products are designed with the intent to give your homes an aura of creativity and uniqueness it never had before.

Our founder Anjali Kanodia, during the lockdown period also collaborated with her childhood  friend Pragati Agarwal both of whom love working with each other and have so much fun doing so. As you can imagine, what resulted was a beautifully unique collection of handmade cane lampshades.

From our very first tea light candle stand collection, to our gorgeous cushion covers and iconic cane lampshade collection and our future collections, we assure you that every New Leaf Home product you’ll receive is a true labour of love that is 100%handmade for you.

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