Why New Leaf ?

"For the Unique YOU "
Founded by Anjali Kanodia, New Leaf was born in 2016, out of her urge and passion to create cruelty-free handcrafted bags having a unique indie-modern essence.
Since then it took on a life of its own and has been steadily growing as an accessible Luxury Accessory Brand.
New Leaf is a sustainable brand handcrafting modern age bags with contemporary designs inspired from traditional Indian art & craft techniques. It is a reflection of an ethos of simplicity and shifting fashion to touch the soul instead of just the body.
We aim at making small but steady changes by empowering women and local artisans .Hence, each product at New Leaf has been beautifully handcrafted by them with a lot of love .
Each one of us at New Leaf , believe in making cruelty free products having  distinctive designs with great functionality.
The focus is on implementing fair means of trade while building on artisan crafts through our seasonal exploration of bags and accessories. 
We play around with unique styles and shapes with clean and classic silhouettes to deliver you the best quality product as unique as You.
We design for a cause while honoring life, inner growth and believe in delivering conscious sustainable fashion where we are taking care of our environmental cost and not passing it on to the future.
For us, design is creative, problem-solving and beauty is beyond vanity. The process of creation is as precious to us as giving you a beautiful product.
Every element of New leaf has a purpose, a story - A story to say, a story to share !
We  believe in giving it back to the society and hence , we launch different social campaigns to benefit our People around in whatever way we can !
We are here to make a difference through design and handmade products .
We are here to spread a smile :)
Above all , We are Proud to be Made in India !